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One of the hottest trends in both for commercial and residential homeowners is stained concrete. Kansas City homeowner's have been converting basement floors from carpet to some form of acid stained concrete, polished concrete and sometimes even designer epoxy floors. Stained concrete has been a popular choice in commercial applications for years, from cafés and restaurants to grocery stores and restaurants. Stained concrete is coste effect, durable and attractive - and it’s the perfect floor system for a basement. While carpet floors are warmer to the touch, they are prone to mildew and odor in basement settings where moisture can accumulate, or where water can seep through walls or flooded from sump pump failure.

Sometimes referred to as "colored concrete", homeowners, designers and commercial & home builders choose stained concrete because of the unique flooring variations that can be achieved combining colors, application techniques, etc., on cement flooring and other substrates. There is an art to the stained concrete application process, making every flooring outcome unique. Because of concrete's porous qualities and neutral tone, it is the perfect blank canvas for topically applied color stains. Using scid-based chemical stains, we can achieve rich, earth-toned color schemes resembling natural stone, marble, wood, or even leather, giving a completely custom look to cement floors, concrete driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, concrete walls and more.

Most acid stains are a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salts. They work by penetrating the surface and reacting chemically with the hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) in the concrete. The acid in the stain lightly etches the surface, allowing the metallic salts to penetrate deeply, and more easily. When the stain reacts, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and won't fade, chip or peel. Like stains for wood, acid-based stains are translucent and the color they create will vary depending on the color and condition of the concrete floor they are applied to. Every concrete slab will accept the stain with a different level intensity, creating natural color variations. But acid stains don't have a large color variation. You'll mostly find them in a limited array of subtle earth tones, like tans, browns, terra cottas, and soft blue-greens. Newer products on the market such as water-based penetrating stains and water- and solvent-based concrete dyes are beginning to offer reds, oranges, yellows, and purples.
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