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Epoxy flooring has been gaining in popularity in Kansas City for some time. As you research epoxy floor systems on the Internet, you will find a wide variation of products reviews. Generally speaking, the low-cost all-in-one packages you see at the big DIY chain stores do not work very well. To achieve a great looking, lifetime epoxy floor, you need a great product combined with proper surface preparation and product application. If you miss one of these components, your epoxy flooring is sure to fail sooner than later.

We have some of the best epoxy flooring technicians in the metro area. Some of our staff have actually given classes to other professionals on how to properly install some epoxy floor systems. In short, the epoxy floor process usually involves grinding down the concrete base so that it is clean and porous (so the epoxy can bond to it). The surface preparation process is followed by a multi-step application process where coating components and finishes are applied to the floor.

Most people still think of epoxy floors as they are used in industrial applications such as aviation hangers, factory or auto body garages. Epoxy floors are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in garages, but now even more so in nicely finished basements. A new series of epoxy product are looking more like polished concrete and acid stained concrete finished in so-called "designer epoxy floors."

If you are considering an epoxy coated garaged floors or basement floor, please give us a call. We would be have to explain more over the phone or go to your place to take measurement and provide a quote. We can handle all your commercial and industrial epoxy floor coating needs as well.
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